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We have talked to a lot of people about mom and what is going on over that last few days and whenever we tell them its flesh eating disease really the only response available is "WHAT!?" At first you are shocked and stunned, and the confusion usually follow. Yesterday we had good talk with a few professional and were able to gain a little bit more clarity as to what has happened and what is going on.

When you think of flesh eating disease you think immediately of gangrene or some kind of weird thing you pick up the remote jungles of the Amazon, but there are different kinds of flesh eating disease. At a very basic level its any virus that is exposed to clean tissue. In Mom's case she has contracted what is called Group A Streptococcus, AKA Strep Throat. The how, and why questions of all this will never be answered, we have no idea how it came into contact with the clean tissues of her body, I am only so thank that she is still alive.

My Uncle is a numbers man and so he was able to do some reasearch and this is incredibly rare to happen to anyone really. Apparently in Canada 2 or 3 people per 1 million can contract Group A Strep, thats about 70 people per year within Canada. I shake my head in disbelief that this has happened to Mom. Just a warning too if you are going to google this do so at your own discretion, I don't recommend it.

So because of this our immediate family, Dad, Curtis, Erik and myself must take antibiotics as well. A prophylactic, I have no idea what that is, but apparently its like a super strong antibiotic to keep us from contracting anything of any sort. Unfortunately Curtis is not feeling well and went to his Doctor yesterday who is also Mom's family doctor and filled her in. He gave Curtis another antibiotic as well to go along with what we have to take. He also cannot go see mom which is very hard on him, but he gets its not safe for him to see her, and they did a swab for Strep Throat on him as well. So please pray for his protection!

Otherwise Mom is still stable and is making small very baby steps towards improvements. We spoke to the ICU doctor again yesterday and we have a plan that will get us to Friday. They were orginally thinking another surgery was needed for Wednesday (today) to check to see if there is anymore dead tissue that needs to be removed, but because of the small improvements that surgery has been moved to Friday. I am hopeful that this will be the last surgery for them to go in and look for dead tissue, but rather they can sew up everything and we can move on to the next phase of healing. They are also going to start to take her off the high-level pain meds and move to a morphine type painkiller, still strong but not the strongest of stuff. And they are going to move towards waking her up and removing her breathing tube. With that being said surgery on Friday will determine how quickly they do that. So for now we cling to the phrase "No News is Good News"

We also spoke to the social worker yesterday, sweet lady. She just offered her support and wanted to know more about who Mom is. I work in the human services field as well and with people who are in crisis, just a different kind, but oh boy how have the tables turned. Hearing similar things said to me that I usually say to my own clients is so crazy, and unbelievable, mind boggling really.

Anyways my cousin Amanda arrived, poor girl had to sit on the tarmac when she arrived in Calgary for almost two hours because of the snow and weather, but she got here. I am so happy she is here.

Thank you all so much for the prayer, please keep praying.

Much Love

The Campbell's

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