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A Little Sunshine

I have been keeping a few secrets over the last couple of days, mostly because I am in awe over just how miraculous our Heavenly Father really truly is, but its time to bust with good news because I am terrible at keeping secrets.

Since mom had her breathing tube removed its almost as if the Lord has expedited her healing process. The breathing tube came out Tuesday morning this week and by that afternoon the physiotherapy team has been in to meet with mom and got her out of bed and moved her to a wheel chair. When I arrived that evening for a visit she had been sitting upright in the chair for several hours and was feeling really good.

On Wednesday I got a text from my Dad, one that made my heart leap for joy. They put Mom back in the wheel chair and they took her outside to the courtyard for a little sunshine and some fresh air! Now in the ICU you only leave for basically two reasons, 1) you are well enough to be moved to another medical ward or 2) the good Lord has called you home. In the two weeks ICU has become our second home I have never seen anyone wheeled out to the courtyard for sunshine and fresh air! The Lord is good.

By Thursday the physiotherapy team had Mom standing twice for a little bit. They are continuing daily with exercises to get her up and moving, from the bed to her wheel chair, back to the bed. She is in fairly good spirits, joking, having fun with the nurses etc. As I reflect on each day one thing I have come to realize is there are certain things about the people we love that we take for granted, like a hug or a kiss or being able to just talk to them in general. I am so thankful that I can still do those things with Mom, because all of this could have been a very different outcome.

I spent some more time with her on Saturday morning and got an update of the plan moving forward for the the next 2-3 weeks.

For those of you who are not familiar with the medical team, the teams in the ICU are on rotation so we have a new team and a new ICU doctor looking after mom right now. This new ICU doctor was examining Mom charts and reviewing her case. He has said because of all that mom has gone through and is going to have to go through he is putting in a special request for a private room for when the time comes that she is to be moved out of ICU. The good news is that could be as soon as tomorrow (Monday) if there is a bed available, however, there is a bit of a hurdle with this because right now at the Rockyview there is a shortage of beds, so for the moment our immediate prayer is that a bed would be available and that it would be private, and in the right place for mom to continue to heal and get the care she needs.

We also spoke to Dr. Graham, he will be moving mom under his care permanently during the rest of her recovery, he made it very clear that he wants to keep close watch on her. He is also thinking that we will be able to move forward with the skin graphs for her chest in about 2 weeks. There are not enough thank you's in the world to give the surgical team and care team who have been looking after Mom, they have all done an exceptional job. I know we will forever be grateful.

I am off to visit mom, her special request is colouring books and crayons.

Much Love

The Campbell's

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