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A Touch of Heaven

This post is long overdue, but it's full of another excellent report on the Father's goodness. Mom had her skin graft surgery on Wednesday, everything went very well, and it looks like it will be the only one she has to have. After this will just be reconstruction surgeries and those will be when Mom is ready for them. Honestly, when I saw her Wednesday evening she looked so good, you would never have known that she had been in surgery. The super bandage is still there just helping this skin graft heal, but the plan is to hopefully have it officially removed Monday. She has also been moved to a different floor with a private room, a very lovely room with a great view. I think now we are starting to see some light at the end of this very long tunnel.

Mom's days are filled with lots of different things all working together to help her heal, physiotherapy is in full swing, right now just helping her regain her strength in her legs so that she can get up and about on her own. Today we did an excellent little walk down the hall and back, it was the longest walk we have done with her and we were all very excited by this success. In light of how well Mom is doing we are at now we are hoping that she will be home before Erik's 4th birthday on the 21st of November, well ahead of the original plan of Christmas.

In all of this there is no doubt in my mind and in my heart that Mom has been touched by heaven. Our story and this case is a unique one for most of the staff at the Rocky View. Those who have been apart of our journey whether it be big or small, are still following Mom's journey. Nurses who took care of her in the ICU come to visit on their breaks, plastic surgeons who originally worked on Mom are shocked and amazed at her recovery, even the admin staff in the OR have commented to Mom how they have been cheering her on and wondered how she was doing. The Father is good and is using this to touch many lives all for his glory.

As we pray about Mom's arrival home, I am busy packing up my place to put up for rent. I am officially moving home for the next year so that I can help out. In light of our unique situation I am praying for a merciful renter who will be the right fit for my place but also understanding to our situation, as I am definitely not moving under normal circumstances. So for me personally, if I can request that you also join me in prayer for the right renter, but also too if you know of anyone looking for a two bedroom townhouse. Give me a shout!

Much Love,

The Campbell's

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