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Coming Home

Today is the day! Mom is coming home! Waiting for this day has felt like forever, wondering often just when will she come home. If all goes well at her wound care appointment this morning, she will be home by Friday later afternoon, early evening.

As you all have followed our story you know it's well ahead of the original date for Christmas, but once again the Lord heard our prayers and she is coming home before Erik's 4th birthday next Wednesday. We have all spent the last couple of days scrubbing and cleaning making sure things are good for Mom to come home. Hopefully we found all the NERF gun bullets scattered all over the house. Everyone copes with stress, grief and loss in different ways, ours has been NERF wars.

We cannot thank the staff and the Doctors at the RockyView Hospital enough for the round the clock care and attention that Mom has received, the Lord placed each and everyone of them in our path at the right time and moment each of them were needed. My pray for the staff is that through Mom's story they saw a glimpse of who God is and that hopefully this will bring each of them one step closer in knowing him, and for those that already do, that this would strengthen their faith and relationship with the Father, because as Mom has said all along," We have a good Father".

Moving forward it will be continual recovery for Mom to regain her strength and her mobility, but I have no doubt in my mind that the Lord will expedite this next phase of the journey, just as he has done up to this point. For those wanting to still visit, once Mom is settled in at home, we will let you know. We are not sure just yet what her days will look like, but I'll keep you posted. Thank you to those who were able to come and visit while Mom has been in the hospital, there were some great divine appointments and the Lord I know blessed each visit, and Mom has said each of them were a great joy and blessing to her as well.

We thank you again for everything, and for carrying us in prayer.

Much Love,

The Campbell's

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