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Cruise Control​​

As one nurse put it the last couple of days we have just been on cruise control with Mom. She is making baby steps of improvements. Wednesday the only new thing was as a precaution they put her on dialysis, just to help her kidneys process all the medications that she is taking. Thursday they were able to take her off the medication that boosts her blood pressure so that is gone completely now and she is able to maintain that on her own.

We also had a good discussion with both plastic surgeons who have helped mom. Dr. Humphries and Dr Graham, and your team, we cannot thank you enough for everything. Dr. Graham spoke with us yesterday about today's trip to the O.R. In light of the all the baby step improvements it looks like this trip will not be a surgery to remove anymore but rather a trip to begin to close everything up. They took some more X-rays and there does not seem to be anymore infected tissue anywhere and with great confidence they say they believe they got it all. Praise JESUS! Once this trip to the O.R. is done they will probably work on trying to wake her up. Otherwise her colour again looks really good, she is no longer cold, but is retaining heat really well. All vitals are good. Thank you Father for listening and hearing our prayers.

Speaking of prayers I know there is a large number of you praying, but I wanted to give a specific shout out thank you to my cousin Amanda's church community in Bedford, NS. We saw the video of you praying, we see the mighty hand of God working and we thank you for joining us in prayer.

For today's trip to the O.R. specifically my prayers would be of course protection over mom, and that the Lord would guide the hands of the surgeon, but also that as they begin to sew up these area's of her body that there would be supernatural healing taking place, and that what they do here would be done so well it would limit the number of future surgeries that are to follow. Also to that those in the room would feel a real presence of the Lord and know that something is different than they have every experienced before. Once again and this may get old but I don't care. Thank you for joining us in prayer. We feel it, we know its working, so keep on praying.

Much love

The Campbell's

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