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Day Two - Update

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Hello dear friends and family,

Just wanting to provide a quick update on mom before we all go to bed. The Lord is good, and he is walking closely with us through all of this and leaving behind divine appointments, and mini miracles along the way.

Curtis and Dad arrived at the hospital somewhere between 9 or 10am, mom was stable all night no change, which considering how things could go is good news. I spent the morning returning calls and taking care of a few other things. I was briefly talking with my cousin Amanda who lives in Halifax NS. It's really hard not having her here, and I know it is equally hard for her not to be here, but the Lord is good! By the time I arrived at the hospital around noon, Uncle Paul had arrived as well with some exciting news about my cousin. It just so happens that one of her close friends works for WestJet and just so happens the she is currently in Halifax working a flight and was able to get Amanda a buddy pass to come home to visit so she is on the 6am flight out of Halifax tomorrow morning and will arrive by 11am. I am so happy she can be here and I know my mom will be happy she is here as well. God is so good and I am so thankful that he keeps bringing our family together all in his perfect timing.

After my chat with Uncle Paul I went in to see mom, she was looking fairly good, she has good colour, and her vitals are good. The plastic surgeon was in again around 3pm to check her dressings and assess whether another surgery was needed. They determined there were a few spots that needed to be taken care of and that it looked ok to close up the exposed veins on the underside of her arm.

By about 4pm they had wheeled her in for surgery #3. We left and went for a quick supper at the mall. While at the mall for dinner we encountered our divine appointment. To respect privacy I won't go into too many details except to say the gentlemen we ran into is someone both my parents have known for years, and someone whom they love and respect very much. This man is a great man of faith and pillar in the church community. I knew instantly this moment is what my Dad needed if anything as a sign that God is in control and he is looking out for my mom AND my Dad.

We returned to the hospital just in time for mom to come out of surgery, this time they were able to close up her arm where the veins are, but they did have to remove a bit of muscle on the underside of her arm, because of this her mobility now will be limited will limited. The also dealt with a few other areas in her chest, but other than that things are looking better. ( I say that cautiously).

We went back in to visit for a bit, she still looks good, her vitals are good, she is heavily sedated but she knows we are there, when we talk to her I can sense her trying to respond.

Tomorrow the surgeon will check her dressings around the middle of the day and then they will make another decision if more surgery is needed.

Once again thank you all so much for your prayers, we can feel them.

Much love,

The Campbell's

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