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Happy New Year

We are so thankful for this new year that is upon us. As a family, we took some time to reflect over the Christmas holiday just how different this year could have been, compared to what it could have been. The word that we have chosen to sum up 2018 is THANKFUL.

Current Photo of Mom- Looking GOOD!

There is not enough gratitude to give to all the various people who have supported us and helped us through this journey. While mom is still working towards recovery, these last six weeks ( yes it's only been six weeks) since she has come home we have seen significant progress in her ability to do things, and everyday Mom is gaining strength and resiliency back into her body.

As this is my final post regarding Mom's health as a family, we couldn't' think of any other way to sum this all up other than to publically thank some people who have been instrumental to Mom's healing process.

First and foremost we thank our Heavenly Father for all he has done, and along with that, we thank the following churches and organizations who have continued to hold our family up in prayer.

Calgary Full Gospel Church - Lorraine, Val, Gina, Cheryl and staff.

First Assembly Church - Prayer teams and the Tuesday morning Senior group.

Love City Church - Pastors Ryan and Stephanie Iverson, James and Alanna Pelias, Courtney Dynna.

The Rock Church - Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Ripple Centre - Pastor Kenn and Cheryl Gill

Ellel Ministries - Alexander and Marion Morrison and ALL the Ellel Team ( I love you very much )

And to all those praying across Canada all the way to Asia to Africa to South America and the Vatican.

To all of our employers, you graciously allowed us the time needed, so that we could take care of this whole situation as well as all the staff who have prayed, visited and helped us out during this time.

McMan Calgary Family

Sonshine Community Services

Thomas Fresh Produce

Cross Country Parts Dist.

To all of those who provided meals for us in the early days thank you for feeding our family!

To my dear friends who helped me move.


Cory, Christa and Uncle Dave

Dad, Curtis and Erik.


But most of all and probably the most important thank you is to RockyView Hospital

To all the staff in ICU

To all the wound care staff, especially Jane

To the Plastic Surgery medical team - Dr Graham, Dr Humphries, Dr Hargraves

To the rehabilitation team - Boris

To all the nurses, and health care aids who worked around the clock to provide care

To our current home care team of nurses

To the physiotherapy team - Kathy

Without any of you we would not be where we are today. God blessed your talent, your skills and abilities to help us get where we are today.

Thank you to all mentioned above; indeed you have carried us, and you will forever be a part of our hearts, we pray that God will richly bless each of you for your part in our story.

All the best to you in 2019,

Much Love,

The Campbell's

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