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Joy Comes In The Morning

" Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor the Devil says 'Oh craps, She up."


Well Mom is up, she is awake, she is coherent, she is nodding, smiling, and best of all joking around. She still has her breathing tube in and her feeding tube, but both of those should be coming out tomorrow. This is the result of Mom making lots of small steps forward this weekend PRAISE THE LORD, I also think it is because of her nurse Kellie, who was spunky and funny, and totally on her game which I think Mom really appreciated and I know they would have joked around together, Kellie even brought in an iPad so that mom could listen to worship music! She was just awesome! THANK YOU KELLIE!

Here is just a little recap of what happened this weekend to bring us to this point today.


We no longer have to suit up when we see her, which I am so thrilled about because it was kinda getting on my nerves. They moved and changed some of her IV's around so it was more comfortable, she is totally off dialysis and by late Sunday night her eyes were open slightly and she was nodding at bit at Kellie.


Mom and Dad's 35th Wedding Anniversary! Dad got to the hospital earlier than Curtis and I did because we had a few things we wanted to put together for their anniversary. Curtis put together this lovely poster with photos of all the family to hang in her room. Its really beautiful. Dad texted to say her she is breathing on her own and her eyes are wide open and she is nodding when we talk to her.


She is much more coherent, she knows who we are and is joking around with us a bit when we talk to her, she is even giving the "thumbs up" with her right hand. The feeding tube and the breathing tube should come out tomorrow so hopefully she will be able to talk a bit which will be nice. I miss hearing her voice.

BUT..... the best news is the super bandage did its job 100% so much so they are going to continue with it for another 2 weeks and hopefully by then it will have drastically reduced what will be necessary for future surgeries and there will be a few.

All in all, the LORD has done it again, I am so thankful for all the prayers, we know and can feel the Holy Spirit moving, even in mom's room. While the sprint to save her life is over, we are now into the marathon of recovery. Until next time.

Much Love

The Campbell's

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