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Quick Update

Having Mom home these last few weeks has been absolutely wonderful, but it also has been an adjustment for all of us. Initially Mom was having home care come in everyday, but they have been able to change that to every other day now, and this past week she has started her with her physiotherapist. We are extremely bless in that most of her appointments are only a few minutes away from the house, so we do not have to travel very far.

All of the Doctors are very pleased with her progress and expect her to make a great recovery. We are also hopeful and optimistic. This is definitely the best Christmas gift we could have ever received.

As for me, I am in full preparation mode for my practicum to start in January. You will notice significant changes to the website, as it's time for me to get back to business.( Take a look around let me know what you think).

Also I am trying to wrap things up with my own place so I can put it up for rent. With that in mind I am going to need some help. I am trying to avoid involving my Dad in this process. I think both Mom and Dad are worried about it and they don't need to be so if you are able to help please email me (jenncampbell@shaw.ca)

There are a few things that I need specifically if possible.

1)I am moving on December 15th 9:30 AM! Even if its -30 below (it won't be but just incase you were wondering)

2)I need someone to rent and drive the U-Haul truck. I am not all that confident that I can do it, and you have to back it up into the loading dock at the storage place. U-Haul has rules around the renter being the driver, which is why I am wondering if someone else could take on this task.

3) I need some muscles to help move( Muscles from Men or Woman or both).

4) Everything is going to my storage unit, so if you can help also loading everything into the unit that would be great. Once thats done, it should be all done.

Next is prayer for the right renters. I have never done this before and I know what renters can do to a place, so if you could please join me in prayer for the right renters that would be great. I am going to have the rental posting up by the weekend, as I must have renter's in by January 1. If you know anyone who is looking to rent please pass along the information.

Thank you in advance to those who are willing to help, it is greatly appreciated.

Much Love,


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