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Shocked Doctors and a Miraculous God​​

I hope the title of this blog speaks for itself, because today was another miracle day. I went to visit mom this morning and learned that she passed her breathing test and there is no sign of pneumonia in her lungs, and her cough is strong, these three things are necessary for her to have the breathing tube removed. I had to get going to work so I couldn't stay and they didn't know what time they would remove the tube as the ICU doctor had to give the final ok. According to the doctor as long as Mom had "the sparkle" the tube could come out. Well mom had "the sparkle".

What happened next none of us saw coming, not even the doctors or the residents. The physiotherapist came in and got mom sitting on the edge of the bed, moving her whole body and even sitting in a wheel chair. When Dad texted with this good news I was stunned. So were the doctors and residents, they couldn't believe she was upright let alone out of the bed sitting in a wheel chair.

After work I went to visit mom again and she was still sitting in the wheel chair when I arrived. It was so good to talk with her finally, give her a hug and a kiss. Many happy tears were shed.

I am so thankful for all the Lord has done. He has supercharged mom's healing process and it's an honour to witness all of the great and amazing things he has done.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying, as you are all a big part of our story as well.

Much Love

The Campbell's

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