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Happy Thanksgiving weekend! I don't think the timing of this all could be any better to share this great report. The GLORY OF THE LORD HAS COME!

I spent yestderday morning visiting with mom, the nurse gave me an update on her night. She is still in stable condition, but they have managed to reduce her one pain killer in half and are introducing another which is better for long term pain management. She is starting to move a bit, she scrunches up her face when she is uncomfortable and the nurse believes that she is trying to open her eyes, all with out the assistance of reducing the sedation she is under. BUT she had another trip to the OR last night as planned and they didn't want her waking up before that so they were just monitoring her closely, just incase. They also did a number of test to check see if the Group A Strep was gone, and whether or not she has pneumonia or a bladder infection, both of which are very common when you have been in this kinds of situation, for an extended period of time.

GOOD REPORT: The test for the Group A Strep came back NEGATIVE!!!PRAISE THE LORD!!!! so did the test for the pneumonia, we still are waiting on the test for the bladder infection but I am believing that will come back negative as well!

Prior to the trip to the OR Dr. Graham came by and took a look, the plan is still to close everything up but he won't know until he gets mom to the OR. She was wheeled in about 3:30pm yesterday and was out around 6:00pm. I was at home with the little man (Erik) when I got the text from my dad, which is by far the best news I have ever heard in my life!

NO MORE INFECTION!! They got it all, and it all looks good. So they sewed her up! They have put on what I would call a super bandage on her chest, the whole purpose of the bandage essentially is to super charge the healing process. I am asking the LORD to bring his supernatural healing and expedite the healing process of that bandage. They are going to leave it on until Tuesday, if it works great, we are ahead of the game if not the healing process will take longer. I am believing that when Dr Graham is back on Tuesday that he will be shocked at how amazing the bandage has worked like he has never seen before.

Today I give all the honour and glory to the Lord and I am so thankful for all of the amazing things he has done over this last week.

During this Thanksgiving weekend as you spend time with your loved ones, come to the table together with a thankful heart. Give them an extra hug, tell them you love them, because in a blink of an eye our worlds can change. We thank you all so much for the prayers. My plan is to rest and enjoy my family this weekend, I will post again either Tuesday or Wednesday next week with another update.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, we love you.

The Campbell's

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