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"The Secret Place"

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

The Secret Place was where I discovered who He was and who I am. It is the place where I found the height, length, depth and breadth of his love for me. I retreat to “The Secret Place” when I am happy, sad, lonely or fearful because I know that in the secret place, he will share in my joy, bring comfort to my sorrow, and cast out my fears. 

The Secret Place is where I come to rest. To rest in his love for me, his peace, his grace, and his joy. It is the place where I can take all my burdens, anxieties and worries and gently rest them in his lap. Knowing that when I leave this place, I no longer have to carry my burdens, anxieties or fears with me, because he has promised that his “yoke is easy and light,” but walk away feeling rested and refreshed from journeys past, yet replenished for adventures ahead.

The Secret Place is where I can come to abide within your presence. It is in this place where I can seek His face and ask for a refresh in-filling of the Holy Spirit. It is in this place where I can be refreshed and renewed, filled up overflowing so that the extra outflow can impact those within my reach throughout my day. 

This Secret Place is where we commune together. Where we share in Holy Communion to remember and honour the bloodshed by His precious son Jesus Christ. The death and resurrection of His beloved son Jesus Christ tore the veil so that I am free to build an intimate relationship with my Heavenly Father.

The Secret Place is a place of worship, to bring you all the glory, honour and praise to my Heavenly Father. It is a place to lift up holy hands and to offer up everything with prayer, supplication and thanksgiving. Being thankful in the midst of all joy and all sorrow.

The Secret Place is a place of refuge. Shelter, under the wings of the Almighty, just as an eagle, shelters her “chicks” from the storm. This refuge is a hiding place, a safe place that offers protection, safety, security and comfort in times of uncertainty, confusion and fear. 

 Beloved, I bless you with finding “The Secret Place.” That place is just for you and Him to commune together. Draw near to Him, and He will draw near to you. Rest in His presence to be renewed and filled with the Holy Spirit. Leave behind anything you no longer need or want to carry, but rather exchange it for his yoke instead. When you leave this place, remember, he has not left you. He is always with you. As he is waiting for you to return to “The Secret Place.”

Beloved, be blessed.

Grace and Peace to you.

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