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Updated: Oct 28, 2018

Healing is a process and a journey, which just takes time. Time for us has slowed down, compared to two weeks ago when it was the race against time. We are no longer rushing to get the infection under control as the antibiotics have worked. All of Mom's blood work continues to come back clear with no indication of any more infection. They test her regularly just in case as her immune system has taken a significant hit. The super bandage is working, and far better than the doctors ever expected. Dr. Graham is especially surprised by how well it is working. This is just one of the ways that the Lord keeps revealing himself not only to us as a family but also to the medical team working with mom.

Wednesday they were able to move Mom out of ICU to the internal medicine unit. While she did not get a private room we know she is right where the Lord wants her. One of the internal medicine doctors has already commented on how her faith and the faith of others will be changed because of her story, and Mom continues to see the Lord in different ways each day allowing her to impact her medical team. I was talking with my Uncle Paul today about this and while we will never really know the impact this has had on all those who are surrounding Mom, from our family to the medical team to those of you following this blog, but one things I do hope for is that if in any way this brings you closer or deeper into a relationship with the Lord, then regardless of the "why this has happened" he has redeemed it all for his glory.

This coming week is going to be another big week, as Mom will be going in for her first skin graft surgery. At the moment it looks like that will happen on Wednesday. The super bandage has worked so well that we are hoping this will be the only skin graft surgery she will need as opposed to the few they were thinking originally, and if that is the case then hopefully mom will be home much sooner than Christmas. We miss her and we want her home. The four of us at home, Dad,Curtis,Erik and myself continue to be blessed by the Lord with his perfectly timed divine appointments, we have had a couple again this week giving us the opportunity to meet some of you who are praying that we have never met before. "Thank you" is beginning to feel like it just isn't enough when I am told just how many people are following this story, but really we are so thankful that you have joined with us and are covering us in prayer.

Much Love

The Campbell's

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